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Big honking #labia up her skirt … #upskirt


Staying on the close-up pussy vibe I thought I’d offer another up from the Captain’s Table (that means it comes from my website theinvisibleham ::) So this is a close-up pussy pic of the lovely Courtney.  I think Courtney was another one of those girls that dipped her foot into glamour modelling, did it for a while and then got on with other things.  So I’m just glad as was there at the right time to capture and gorgeousness forever!  And just check out the great big labia on Courtney's pussy - I LOVE that!  Her pussy lipes actually made her panties bulge and I don't know why but I think that looks HOT! She stars in my movie 32DD Natural Boobs but the film could just as well have been called Awesome Big Pussy Lips…either one is true!